Diabetes and School

When I was first diagnosed at the age of 11 I was in 6th grade. The principal and staff at the time were very understanding and helped with anything my parents or I needed. My dad could come in anytime he wanted to check my levels or give me insulin or just check in on me. I was able to bring my insulin and syringes and had no problems with peers or teachers with what I was doing. All in all, it was a very pleasant school experience from that time on until I graduated.

That was 23 years ago. I know times have changed. But to deny a student to come to school because of type 1, is outrageous.

I’ll post the link here about a boy from Utah who was told he couldn’t come to school because he had Type 1 diabetes. Because of the school districts policy, he couldn’t carry his own insulin. He did attend school his Kindergarten and First Grade years but there were concerns with the nurse and her inability to help her son. I was shocked at what the nurse did or didn’t do.

Her son’s situation is also a little bit more of a concern because he has a sensitivity to insulin. This is where the mom battled with the school and maybe this is why the nurse had a hard time delivering his insulin.

K.W., for instance, is sensitive to the medicine. And his body needs a 20% reduced version to process correctly. So his parents get a wholesale version of insulin and dilute it.

I can’t imagine having type 1 and then on top of it being sensitive to the insulin that is used to keep you alive.

I hope the school  district and others can learn from this and that the mom will find the answers she is looking for and her son will be able to attend 3rd grade at a public school.

Have any of you had any experiences with this or know of someone who did? How did they handle it and what was the outcome?

We need to spread the word. Let’s get educated about Type 1.






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